Leverage your Parent Power.           Build Self-Confidence. 
Ignite Family Connection.                                         Have Fun Again.
How to Detoxify Your Relationship
with Your Teenager
“This program provided so much valuable information about dealing with my 4 teenage kids. It allowed me to make connections with them that we were at risk of losing during the tumultuous teen years. I’m sure our kids noticed a difference in my actions/reactions as I was able to show them the kind of respect that helped them rise to the occasion and make more of their own choices with confidence. The practice techniques helped me to implement changes in our household that stuck, even in day-to-day situations.”
Pamela, a mother of 4 teenagers, says:
About the course
Mary Lynne leads you through exercises each week so that you can:
  • Decrease the drama, stress, and arguments 
  • Have more peace and quiet for yourself and your family
  • Increase predictability, family fun, and quality time together
  • Understand what is creating the blocks between you and your teenager
  • Build their self-confidence & self-esteem while increasing yours as a parent
  • Learn strategies to connect with your teenager so you no longer have to walk on eggshells around them
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100% Online & Available When You Need It
  • Accessible at anytime
  • Self-paced - Flexible for your schedule needs
  • Video instruction - Guides you through each step
  • Printable downloads - Provides notes, reminders, and weekly practices
This class fills up fast.
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Perfect Timing

This is the time to improve your relationship with your teenager. What you do today will change how close or far apart you are with each other in the future.
True Power

True Power comes from the heart. It's your personal guidance system. Learn to tap into yours and empower yourself through life's ups and downs.
Right Target

Full of practical tools and techniques, these strategies are familiar and easy to implement. All it takes is practice, time, and patience.
Mary Lynne Fernandez is a successful keynote speaker, transformation life coach, and author of The Warrior Teenager

She brings forth over 14 years of enthusiastic expertise in the field of coaching young adults while profoundly empowering their parents. She has passionately served tweens, teens, and their parents as a middle school teacher and as a life coach. 

To every client, audience, project, and challenge, Mary Lynne brings forth fairness, humility, and gratitude. Her kind and honest style of speaking and coaching have earned her immense respect and love in her community.

Mary Lynne Fernandez struggled during her teenage years like so many teens do today. She overcame the struggle and teaches others to do the same so they can become a Warrior Teenager. 

Today she is respected as a powerhouse “Teen-Esteem Expert.” When it comes to connecting with teenagers, Mary Lynne is a real natural

As your personal guide through this course, she shares her knowledge, experience, and wisdom with you. Mary Lynne is a sought-after personal empowerment leader for parents of teenagers!

Using her own life experiences, she inspires you and fulfills your desire and need to understand the teenage world. Come access your True Power, self-love, and purpose in the world and be a True Power Parent.
About Mary Lynne Fernandez
Life Coach, Speaker, Author
“After 4 weeks, I was finally able to make a shift. I’ll never forget the day. It was a Saturday and we were out practicing driving. Usually, we’d come home screaming and slamming doors. This day was different. We got out of the car and laughed our way to the front door.”
Anna, a mother of 1 teenager and 2 younger children, says:
  • If you are looking for a quick fix - this isn’t the program for you.
  • If you want a magic wand to make it all better - this is not be for you.
  • If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to truly make a change in your relationship - I don’t recommend this program for you.

  • If you read all of the above and still want to try it out - Go for it! 
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This program is Perfect for you if:
  • You are ready for respectful, kind, calm interactions with your teenager
  • You are ready for a positive change in your relationship
  • You are ready to learn different ways of approaching and responding your teenager
  • You are ready to know what to do and when to do it
This program is not the same as others! 
If you commit 100% - you will not only detoxify your relationship, 
you will transform it!
4 Weeks to a New Relationship with Your Teenager

  • Self-paced - Flexible to meet your schedule needs
  • Video instruction - Guides you through each step
  • Printable downloads - Provides notes, reminders, and weekly practices
  • A new module will be released each week
  •  100% online and accessible at anytime
  • You will have personal access to the each week’s information
This class fills up fast.
Put your name on the list to receive information on when the next class will be available.
“With a little time and a lot of practice, I was able to make some significant changes that positively impacted our family environment.”
Jeff, a father of 1 teenager and 1 tween, says:
Leverage your Parent Power. Build Self-Confidence. 
Ignite Family Connection. Have Fun Again.
How to Detoxify Your Relationship
with Your Teenager
Become a True Power Parent
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